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Shannon Leung


Practice Profile

Shannon has been a civil and criminal practitioner for 18 years. She was the legal representative of SC Storage in the death inquests of SStnO Cheung and SFn Hui with regards to the Amoycan Industrial Centre fire in 2016. Besides frequently prosecuting cases at criminal trials, she also represents the defendants from time to time. She specializes in arbitration, company…

Call: 2005 (HK)




LLM U Lon (Commercial Law): 2004

 Selected Cases

  • Administrative law and Public Law

Alam & others v SJ DCCJ 1434/2015, DCCJ 1536/2015, DCCJ 1539/2015, DCCJ 1545/2015, DCCJ 1552/2015, DCCJ 1409/2015, DCCJ 1421/2015, DCCJ 1569/2015, DCCJ 1586/2015, DCCJ 1650/2015, DCCJ 3391/2015, DCCJ 1579/2015, DCCJ 2474/2015, DCCJ 2475/2015 & DCCJ 2508/2015 – non-refoulment claim – judicial review – taxation of costs

Mohammed Quammaluddin Ahmed v Secretary for Justice sued for and on behalf of Director of Immigration DCCJ 337/2015 – non-refoulment claim – judicial review

Re Majid Rasheed Butt HCAL…



  / Awards


Barrister-At-Law: 2005 (HK)

HKIAC & HKMAAL Accredited Mediator: 2012

HKIAC & HKMAAL Accredited Family Mediator: 2017

Deputy Adjudicator of Small Claims Tribunal: 2016 & 2017


English, Putonghua & Cantonese

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