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Alan C. Y. Yung



Chambers of Ronny Wong SC

Rooms 3206-7, Alexandra House

The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong

T:  2526 1732

F:  2845 5421




Call:               2007 (HK)

Accredited as a mediator by CEDR in 2009


2015                LLM, University of Hong Kong

2006               PCLL, University of Hong Kong

2005               LLB, London School of Economics and Political Science

2002               IB, Li Po Chun United World College of Hong Kong


Middle Temple Advocacy Scholarship (2007)


Practice Profile

Alan has a broad civil practice. He has acted and advised as sole or junior counsel involving a wide range of commercial matters, including contractual disputes, company and shareholders’ disputes and liquidations. He also has experience in other areas such as construction disputes, disputes involving breach of confidence and fiduciary duty, personal injuries, conflict of laws, building management disputes, discrimination, trespass, nuisance (water seepage, noise), defamation, wills and probate, trusts and proceedings under Mental Health Ordinance.  


Alan has provided advice to the SFC in market misconduct related matters and has represented SFC as prosecutor in the Magistrate Court.  He has also given legal advices on compliance related matters for the issuers’ listing applications.


Alan also undertakes criminal work and has experience in conducting criminal trials as defence counsel in the Magistrates’ Courts and Magistracy Appeal.


Alan is regularly appointed as a Mediator in a wide range of disputes. He has mediated over 150 cases for disputes involving adverse possession, building management, companies winding up and shareholders’ disputes, commercial disputes, conveyancing, copyright, defamation, nuisance, personal injuries and employees’ compensation and probate related matters.


His experience includes:-

  • Li Nanfeng v. Wong Chun Hong, HCA 3447/2016 - for contractual claim of over HK$100 million  (led Bernard Man SC)


  • Kwong Yu Sum v. Modern Living Property Management Limited, DCEO 7/2015 – to strike out the claimant’s discrimination claim.


  • Lam Sik Ying, Administrator for Estate of Lam Tim v. Lam Sik Shi, HCA 4713/2001 – to strike out parts of the plaintiff’s claim on the ground of re-litigation (led by Russell Coleman SC).


  • Chan Koon Hau v. Lam Kong Man & Ors, HCA 327/2017  - for interlocutory injunction to restrain the defendants from dealing with her assets in HK and PRC (led by Po Wing Kay)


  • Miao Xizhu v. Shum Sai Chit & Anor, HCA 1960/2014 – for specific discovery in a misrepresentation claim against directors of listed company regarding financial accounts of its subsidiaries.


  • Siu Mee Kuen v. Lam Pak Hung & Ors, HCA 1615/2014 – for default judgment for declaration that the defendants have been holding property on trust for the Plaintiff.


  • Skinfocus Derm Health Srvices Ltd v. Dr. Lam Si Wen Grace & Ors, HCA 2672/2015 - to oppose an application for security for costs


  • Sheng Kung Hui Diocesan Welfare Council v. National Insurance Company Limited, HCA 1106/2015 – to obtain summary judgment for enforcement action against the insurer pursuant to s.10 of Motor Vehicles (Third Party Risks) Ordinance.


  • Lau Hang Ping v. Chow Yun Nin, HCA 1067/2013 – trial to defend a claim for the legal and beneficiary title of a property in reliance of resulting trust.


  • Choi Chi Wai trading as Oliva Chocolate Company v. Hsiu Jui Hein, DCCJ 1175/2015 – to strike out and to apply for summary judgment based on the res judicata principle.


  • Japan Travel Agency Limited v. Wong Lei Wah, DCCJ 260/2015 – trial to claim damages caused by water seepage.


  • Vantage Technology Limited v. Cheung Chor Keung and Ors, HCA 873/2015 – to oppose injunction regarding a breach of confidence dispute (led by John Yan SC).


  • Lam Sik Shi v Lam Sik Ying & Anor, HCA 1605/2004 – over 20 days trial for reliefs including damages and declaration that a sale by an administrator of a land in prime location at Causewaybay be void (led by Adrian Bell SC).


  • Yang Long Shan v Chan Hau Kong and Anor, HCA 1265/2011 – for security for costs and to defend a claim regarding promissory notes (valued HK$40 million).


  • To stay the proceedings in Hong Kong in relation to a claim of over US$7 million based on an exclusive jurisdiction clause.


  • To apply for ex parte Mareva and/or Proprietary injunction


  • Wei Zhuofu v. China Investment and Finance Group Limited & Ors, HCMP 1432/2014 - for an application for interlocutory injunction under s.728-729 of the Companies Ordinance (led by Adrian Bell SC).


  • Acted for the respondents in relation to a claim under s.168A of the old Companies Ordinance involving an established catering group in Hong Kong (led by Victor Dawes SC)


  • Acted for applicants/plaintiffs for relief under s.111, 114B and 122 of the old CO.


  • Yu Tai Kan and Lai Heung Tze Angie v. Morewell Engineering Limited, DCCJ 537/2013 –trial in relation to a decoration contract dispute.


  • NEC Tokin Hong Kong Limited v Cheung Kin Keung and Anor [2013] 3 HKLRD 250 - for mareva injunction based on a proprietary claim for over HK$51 million, to remove the provision for the defendants’ living and legal expenses and for disclosure for the purpose to trace misappropriated funds (led by Ronny FH Wong SC).


  • NEC Tokin Hong Kong Limited v Hong Kong Property Services (Agency) Ltd, HCMP 453/2013 – for a Norwich Pharmacal discovery order


  • Lam Wong Kwan Ying & Anor v Lam Sik Se, Tony, HCMP 1885/1987 – to oppose an application to enforce a Tomlin Order for accounts (led by Adrian Bell SC) and to oppose the consequential application for leave to appeal.


  • Pak Ko Batteries Factory Ltd and Ors v New Leader Battery Industry Ltd, HCA 1139/2007 – to oppose an application to strike out the plaintiff’s claim for defamation.


  • SFC v. Tsoi Bun, ESS 46433-7/2008 – Acted for the SFC for a retrial for an offence of price rigging (led by Adrian Bell SC).


  • Yau Ngai & Anor v Yau Tak & Anor, HCA 1309/2007 – to oppose an application to vary an undertaking to the Court (led by Jat Sew-Tong SC).


  • Acted for the defendants to oppose an application for interlocutory injunction to restrain breach of a negative covenant (led by Jason Pow SC).


  • Acted for the respondent to oppose an application by the applicant to invalidate registered trademarks registered in the applicant’s name (led by Stewart Wong SC).



English, Cantonese and Putonghua. 


Alan Yung
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