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Katy Chung



Chambers of Ronny Wong SC

Rooms 3206-7, Alexandra House

The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong

T:  2526 1732

F:  2845 5421




Call:               2012 (HK)


Practice Areas

Art and Cultural Property Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law, Company & Insolvency, Criminal Law, Family Law, Mediation, China Related Disputes, Defamation, Intellectual Property, Regulatory & Disciplinary.  

Practice Profile

Ms. Katy Chung studied law in the University of Hong Kong, BPP University (London) and Peking University. She is fluent in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin. Ms. Chung has developed a broad practice over the years and often appears in different level of Courts as a sole advocate.

She regularly prosecutes on behalf of the Department of Justice and has extensive experience in criminal, quasi-crime, regulatory and government licensing matters.

Given her almost native speaking ability of Mandarin, she has handled numerous cases involving Mainland and Hong Kong’s cross-border civil disputes, like high net-worth divorce cases and commercial cases involving properties in different jurisdictions.

Recently, she has become the legal adviser of different movies, like <梅豔芳 ANITA> and <毒舌大狀 A Guilty Conscience>, she is experienced in advising parties from the entertainment and creative industry. Ms. Chung is appointed as the Review Committee Member of the Arts Development Council of Hong Kong in 2023.




她現為香港大學《家事法》的考官及曾是樹仁大學《公司法》的客席講師。其他公職方面,鍾大律師為 《香港大律師公會》內地事務常委會委員及《社會工作者註冊局》紀律委員會委員。


Education and Qualifications

2023   粵港澳大灣區律師執業考試

2019    Certificates for Basic and Advanced Family Mediation, Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association

2019    PRC Law Practicing Certificate for HK Lawyers

2017    PRC Commercial Mediation Qualification Certificate, Shanghai Commercial Mediation Centre

2017    Commercial Law & Civil Rights Certificate for Hong Kong Lawyers, Peking University

2016    LLB, BPP University

2012    PCLL, The University of Hong Kong

2011     GDL, BPP (London) Law School

2006    LLB, The University of Hong Kong


Positions and Appointments

Hong Kong Arts Development Council Review Committee Member

Social Workers Registration Board Disciplinary Committee Panel Member

Hong Kong Bar Association Mainland Affairs Committee Member

Examiner, Matrimonial Practice & Procedure, PCLL, The University of Hong Kong


Scholarships, Prizes & Honourable Mentions

Directors of LLB Award, BPP Law School London


Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin


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